It’s going to be a busy summer at Anfield as we improve the squad for next season. This morning Pepe Reina confirmed that he seeked assurance from the club that everything would be done to improve and strengthen the squad for next season. Pepe revealed he had a meeting with Damien Comolli who outlined the clubs summer transfer plans, he has since pledged his future to Liverpool FC and confirmed he is very excited for the future at Liverpool FC.

In recent weeks the younger players have come in and done brilliantly and if you look at the under 16’s, 17’s, 18’s and reserve teams Liverpool clearly have the best young talent in the country. These great young players are the future of Liverpool FC and their development and progression through the academy is the most important part of our club apart from this summers transfer dealings. The game on Sunday against Spurs confirmed more than ever that as well as the young players have done they are for the future and if Liverpool want to win the league next year we need to do a lot of business in the summer transfer market and have greater quality, options and strength within our squad, basically world-class players which the younger players can support.

Watching Lucas & Spearing in the centre of midfield on Sunday was like watching Lucas & Mascherano after Alonso left us two years ago under Benitez, great at breaking the play up but don’t offer enough creativity going forward, one of them in the middle fine but not two plus we need more pace and width in the wide areas.



The first formation is what we have been playing recently under Kenny but with the addition of Cahill, Clichy, Parker & Aguero every position has quality and apart for Martin Kelly experience.


This is the formation we used when we beat Chelsea at the Bridge which is actually two formations in one, when attaching Kelly and Clichy can get forward and offer the width and support the attaching Aguero & Meireles with Gerrard sitting and when defending Kelly & Clichy can tuck in with the back three with Suarez dropping off to support Aguero, Gerrard & Meireles, this is my favourite as it offers so much flexibility with the interchanging of positions from world-class technical players, I don’t see Barcelona having anything better.

To achieve this team we would need to spend £70m along with the back up of Ashley Young, Charlie Adam & Charles Nzogbia for another £30m totalling an outlay of £100m. This a lot of money but what a first 11 we would have with Young, Adam, Nzogbia, Maxi, Lucas, Kuyt, Pacheco & Spearing on the bench, we would be back.

We would also sell Aquilani, Ngog, Cole, Johnson, Konchesky, Poulson, Kyrgiakos, Jovanovic, Degen, El Zhar & Insua which should bring in £50m-£60m and remove £30m a year off the wage bill, the new player coming in would put £20m a year on the wage bill.

To conclude we can have a world-class team as good as Barcelona with quality support within the squad and the best young talent around for a net spend of £40m-£50m and a £10m reduction on the annual wage bill.


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Liverpool FC are to announce that King Kenny Dalglish has been handed a four-year contract to continue as full-time manager. This is the news every fan has been hoping for and will provide an excellent platform to return Liverpool FC back to the glory days. To go fifth in the league on Sunday was a tremendous achievement when you consider were they have had to come from this season, I can’t wait for next season and there is no reason why Liverpool can’t challenge and win the premiership next season, yes I said win the Premiership. A lot of journalist’s in the last two weeks have dismissed Liverpool’s chances of winning the league next season which is surprising when you look at the teams stats under King Kenny. Kenny has been Caretaker manager for 15 league games and over the 15 games liverpool have won 30 points, if you apply this across the 35 games played to this point that would give liverpool 70 points and be joint second with Chelsea, just 3 points behind Manchester Essex. Kenny has a big transfer kitty for the summer so if you consider we will have a far stronger squad for next season, a fully fit captain, players with a winning positive mentality and a brilliant management team in Kenny Dalglish & Steve Clarke the sky is the limit and the glory days of Anfield are just around the corner.


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Two big games this week

Hello Everyone,

We have two big games this week starting with Braga at Anfield tomorrow. It is so important that we get through tomorrow night and make the Europa cup quarter finals to keep the feel good factor running through our club. A lot is made of formations and tactics but momentum and a winning attitude are just as important. In our glory days winning became a habit and this is what we need to return to, regularly winning and being successful changers players mentally and we all know that top level sport is often won and lost in the mind. When Tiger Wood’s was winning everything in golf it was mainly down to his mental strength and attitude, he believed he was invincible and mentally beat a lot of his opponents, now he is not as assured and makes mistakes he never used to make, he is physically the same player so it has to be the mental side of his game that has deteriorated.

After all we have been through this season it would be a fantastic achievement to make the Europa cup final. I know the clubs involved with in the Champions league like to look down at the Europa cup but I genuinely believe the competition is getting better and there are a lot of teams left in the Europa cup that are a lot better than the Copenhagen team I watched play Chelsea a couple of weeks ago, I hope Kenny starts Andy Carroll tomorrow night and we play our strongest team, you can rotate in the early rounds but if we want to progress further we need to play our best players.

I can not wait to see Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll start at Sunderland on Sunday, this partnership will be the best in the Premiership and we need to keep picking up three points to try and finish as high as possible, all we can do is keep winning and hope the teams above us keep dropping or take points off each other, Andy Carroll has never played at the stadium of light so he should get a good reception when he scores, hopefully we will have Daniel Agger back and big fat head Bruce is shut up.

Come on you reds.

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The state of our union

Liverpool play Braga in Portugal tonight in the last 16 of this seasons UEFA Europa Cup. Braga are a good team who started the season in this years Champions League and last season finished second in the league ahead of Porto. After a poor start in Arsenal’s champions league group they managed to beat Arsenal 2-0 when the gunners travelled to Portugal. 

Our Liverpool players go in to tonight’s game full of the confidence and belief  they gained by completely out playing Man Utd at Anfield on Sunday and  the boost of Andy Carroll finally making his Liverpool debut, but if we think back it was all so different six Months ago.

You constantly hear premiership teams complaining about injured players, poor results, poor refereeing and general bad luck,  all these things pail in to insignificance when you consider what we have been through this season. We started the season not knowing who was going to leave, who was staying, we had a new manager and we had two owners who were at war with the Liverpool board and we soon found our club being dragged through the high court in London. These were unprecedented scenes for one of the biggest football clubs in the world but it was real and we all had to live through it day after day. What was taking place on the pitch was very detached from what was going on inside the club but thanks the great stewardship of Sir Martin Broughton, Christian Purslow & Ian Ayre our great club was about to embark on a whole new exciting era.

We now have great owners in NESV and John W Henry, we have no debit, we look likely to redevelop our spiritual home and remain at Anfield, we now make a good annual profit and to put icing on the cake we have seen the return of the King to his rightful place. The sulking Torres has gone and the brilliant Suarez & Carroll have come in, Kelly looks fantastic and the players look completely different thanks to the great man management of Kenny.

The state of our union today is one of balance, optimism and  a return to greatness most journalists said would take 2-3 years to achieve, 2 or 3 quality additions in the summer and Liverpool will be real Premiership challenges next season, just ten Months after our high court hearing, what an achievement. Good luck to Liverpool tonight, Kenny & Steve will have the tactics right and it would be good to see Pacheco up front with Carroll, I’m sure the main message to the players is to keep it tight and then win it next week at Anfield.

It’s now exciting to watch Liverpool again, we have gone back to our traditions & values and as a fan I feel we have got our football club back, the futures bright and of course red.


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With the team in Braga – The Kop Blog post – Liverpool FC

With the team in Braga – The Kop Blog post – Liverpool FC.

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Were Arsene went wrong and Kenny would have got it right

Last night Arsenal went out of the champions league to Barcelona for the second year in a row. Arsene Wenger got his tactics wrong for a second year and pundits like Jamie Redknapp & Graeme Souness were saying that you can’t beat Barcelona, I say you can and remember Liverpool did beat them at the camp nou in 2007 2-1. King Kenny would have player three central defenders to deny space to the Barca players in the middle and two wing backs to give the required width, so how does this work.

Firstly the Barcelona players hunt in packs, a lot is made about their excellent forward play but the key to Barcelona’s success is how they play without the ball.  On average when Barca loose the ball they win it back within 6 seconds by hunting in packs and pressing the opposition’s player in to a mistake, you will quickly have four players around you. Last night Arsenal continued to try and bring the ball out of defence through the middle and this plays right in to their pack pressing tactic. The way around this is to get the ball to the halfway line within two seconds and use the wings to do this and therefore avoid the centre of the pitch. One off the central defenders has the ball, Barca players press him straight away, he has a four player pack in front of him so he quickly moves the ball out wide to one of the wing backs who in seconds is passing the halfway line and the Barca pack of players are left watching, the pack is now 2o yards behind the ball, the opposition are in the Barca half and they are out numbered.

This what Kenny Dalglish would have done and it is what Arsene Wenger and Arsenal should have done. I don’t believe Barcelona will win the Champion’s League this year, they are beatable just like Inter Milan proved last year you just need to go about it in the right way and have good, technical, disciplined players.

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